Senior Members

Senior Membership: Adults 18 years or older. Adult membership provides many opportunities to serve our community and nation:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Homeland Security
  • Disaster Relief
  • Work with youth through cadet programs
  • Support CAP’s communication’s network
  • Help fight war on drugs

To help prepare CAP adult members for special missions, extensive training and education in more than 20 different fields is provided.

More adult membership opportunities:

  • Patron members: financial supporters who maintain current membership through dues and participates in a limited capacity.
  • Business members: any US corporation, partnership, proprietorship, or organization which applies for CAP membership in the of their organization

Cadet Sponsor Membership: This is a special category that allows parents, grandparents and legal guardians to participate with their cadets. Cadet sponsors serve as chaperones, provide transportation and supervise cadets during squadron activities.

Aerospace Education Membership: For educators interested in aerospace education. Members receive 33+ free educational products for grades K-12. You also receive lesson plans, teaching strategies and techniques, and a newsletter.

For more information on adult membership or to join go to “How to Join”  at the CAP National website.

Professional Development Resources: In addition to working with cadets, training is provided in emergency services and in more than 20 different fields. 155th Composite Squadron senior members also participate in monthly professional development training.


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